Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lamb leg steaks with a red wine reduction

February has started well! Francesco cooked last night! In fact, Francesco cooked for the first time THIS YEAR!! 

I may have complained a little about how even though I have 2 jobs and travel all the way to Guildford and back, I still have cook every night! And packed lunches too!

So last night, Sat 2nd Feb, Francesco cooked. He found a recipe online - Lamb leg steaks with shallots and sticky red wine sauce.  Go to link here

The recipe was slightly modified. The sauce was not sticky as he changed things a little. He also added mushrooms.
Marinating in garlic and olive oil

This was a very delicious meal!! Next time we will include some potatoes. I think this dish would go great with mashed potatoes. Mmmm... my mouth is watering just thinking about it! 

We do not cook lamb that often but we should definitely have it more! 

And here is the chef!

I had to take a photo of such a rare occasion! :)

January is over!

I cannot believe the first month of the new year has already ended and February as begun!

So my new years resolution of getting back into cooking has not been going so badly. The month of January saw quite a bit of cooking despite being super busy at the office and with also SukiSuki.

Dinners are cooked with the intention of also being packed lunches. So even more thinking and preparation is required but at least we eat well. My lunches have to be of a sufficient amount to last me all the way up to dinner time, which in our case, is often very late.

It is getting more and more difficult to keep track of what we cook and eat. Even if the meals are not fancy I still take photos but sometimes I do forget. And sometimes I am lazy. I am so behind of my posts.

However I will push myself to continue this quest of mine as I having a record of all the food we cook and eat.

 I would like to try to be more adventurous and cook new stuff but it all comes down to having time and energy and also now we are re-doing our new apartment we are having to budget a lot more. We are watching our spending but we will make sure we still eat well.

Honey gammon steak from Marks and Spensers

Stir fry

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Chicken and mushrooms and soy sauce

Salmon with chilli, beans, baby sweet corn and lime

Sweet and sour pork
Not sure if this is the correct name for this dish, but this is what my mum calls it. It's cooked with baked beans, pork, potatoes and tomatoes. It is kinda like en english breakfast in a Chinese style.

packed lunch

Roast belly pork

Stir fired chicken in dark soy sauce with beans and baby sweet corn

Bak Ku Teh

Salmon with beans and mushrooms

Chicken and chili okra

Monday, January 7, 2013

Duck breast with beans, grilled mushrooms and baked potato


After my first day back in the office I was utterly wrecked! It was a tough first day back, quite a shock to my poor system, so I decided to try to unwind with food shopping!

Duck for me is happy food!

This dish is extremely comforting. Pan fried duck breast, pink and tender. With grilled flat mushrooms which are juicy and full of flavour. Green beans and a simple baked potato. Delicious!!!